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Lekang Primary School is a Government Public Primary School school specialising in Ordinary. The school is based in Central Western Jabavu (CWJ), Soweto, Gauteng, South Africa.
The following are the school's values: .


The role players to commit themselves to collective management and transparent operation in the school that will improve efficiency and productive staff.

The management to commit themselves to consult and negotiate regulary with the stake holders on question of concern to them.

The management promise to monitor on behalf of the stake holders all their wishes at school.

The school commits itself to provide satisfactory conditions in all roles played by promoting inter-relations within subcommitties staff members, non-teaching staff and learners.


Together we serve.


Lekang Primary School will always endevour to become a efficient centre for learning, which will develop learners to become responsible citizens and contribute actively to the South African Economic System.


> Consultation with other stakeholders.

> Monitoring and mentoring learners.

> Promoting inter-relations.

> Discipline promoting principles of Bana-Pele and Ubuntu.





011 930 6417

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